1. Register and create application

First register at OFX Developer and follow the steps.

Once registered, OFX will carry on verification of the account because this API should only be used by a specific group of developers. If the verification succeeds, the OFX team will create an application with the ‘Global Currency Account’ product, in the sandbox environment and notify the developer so that API integration can continue onwards. But if the verification fails, the developer will be notified with an explanation why.

Once you get the notification from OFX that account is verified and a product is created, continue to login into your account and go to My Apps You should be able to see the application created with ‘Global Currency Account’ product.

Click on the application name and it will expand several tabs with details. The key and secret is under ‘KEYS’ tab. These parameters are required during API authentication procedure.

Please note, it may take several business days to get your application created.